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UPDATE: 07/31.2020 – my domain and subdomains on Google NOW up under their new domain names as listed below.

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July 21, 2020

The issue with my domain and subdomains on Google still exists. However, I am not alone. Therefore, until a solution is found at Google, my sites can be found on Blogspot. Here are the addresses.

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A Catholic’s Life, Anew

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Seven Ninety Seven “Home Of The Bargain Queen”


July 2, 1964 Historical Day to Remember for All Minorities


President Johnson signs Civil Rights Act

On July 2, 1964, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signs into law the historic Civil Rights Act in a nationally televised ceremony at the White House.

In the landmark 1954 case Brown v. Board of Education, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation in schools was unconstitutional. The 10 years that followed saw great strides for the African American civil rights movement, as non-violent demonstrations won thousands of supporters to the cause.

Memorable landmarks in the struggle included the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955—sparked by the refusal of Alabama resident Rosa Parks to give up her seat on a city bus to a white woman—and the “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. at a rally of hundreds of thousands in Washington, D.C., in 1963.

READ MOREThe Long Battle Towards the Civil Rights Act of 1964 

As the strength of the civil rights movement grew, John F. Kennedy made passage of a new civil rights bill one of the platforms of his successful 1960 presidential campaign. As Kennedy’s vice president, Johnson served as chairman of the President’s Committee on Equal Employment Opportunities. After Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963, Johnson vowed to carry out his proposals for civil rights reform.

The Civil Rights Act fought tough opposition in the House and a lengthy, heated debate in the Senate before being approved in July 1964. For the signing of the historic legislation, Johnson invited hundreds of guests to a televised ceremony in the White House’s East Room.

After using more than 75 pens to sign the bill, he gave them away as mementoes of the historic occasion, in accordance with tradition. One of the first pens went to King, leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), who called it one of his most cherished possessions. Johnson gave two more to Senators Hubert Humphrey and Everett McKinley Dirksen, the Democratic and Republican managers of the bill in the Senate.

The most sweeping civil rights legislation passed by Congress since the post-Civil War Reconstruction era, the Civil Rights Act prohibited racial discrimination in employment and education and outlawed racial segregation in public places such as schools, buses, parks and swimming pools.

In addition, the bill laid important groundwork for a number of other pieces of legislation—including the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which set strict rules for protecting the right of African Americans to vote—that have since been used to enforce equal rights for women as well as all minorities and LGBTQ people.

READ MORE: Civil Rights Movement Timeline 

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Widescreen Online Review Plus, and Its Other Websites.

UPDATE: 10:14 P.M. – there appears to be a problem with my domain, Widescreen Online Review Plus, and its other websites. Until the problem is resolved here are the current links to each website.

Widescreen Online Review

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Seven Ninety Seven “Home Of The Bargain Queen”

I looked at my websites this morning and none of them were up. As they are private domains I contacted the Blogger for an answer. I am assuming their being down is part of Blogger’s transition to their new Blogger format, and that my websites will reappear shortly. In any case, I have contacted Blogger about their disappearance and the redirect error.


Having troubling finding my websites?

Hello there,

Have you lost me? Well some months ago I closed some sites and moved all your favorites’ ones to a new domain. I did this for no other reason than to consolidate all my best websites under one domain address. I know it takes time to find your favorite sites when they move about, but don’t worry they will be there waiting for you.

Stay Well!

Evelyn Altheimer-Fain

Creator, writer and host of all sites under the domain of

Widescreen Online Review has moved to new domain. It’s new address is

Anime Links promotes national & international anime, live-action films and … It’s new address is

Comic Review promotes national & international comic books, cartoons, … It’s new address is . A graphical listing of some of the best anime on the web with links.

My Anime Nook is now at

Seven Ninety Seven has moved to new domain. It’s new address is

So there you have them, a fresh new domain address for fresh new adventures in entertainment.


Two Kinds Of Fair-Weather Friends

Kindred SpiritsTwo Kinds Of Fair-Weather Friends:

  1. Fair-Weather Friends are people that pretend to support you only when it is easy, and convenient for them to do so, which makes them no friends at all.
  2. Fair-Weather Friends are also people who only seek you out with the main interest of bringing you down in the eyes of others and then to take what you work so hard for. These kinds of Fair-Weather Friends are no more than low-down dirty con-artists. In short, criminals who possess no friend materials at all.

I say, who needs either them? Certainly, not me!

Unfortunately, I have met more than my fair share of these two types of Fair-Weather Friends since moving here, and I am so glad I was raised better.

I prefer and I am comfortable with no friends at all than having Fair-Weather Friends in my life. Below kindred spirit.

Wow! We’re on Google’s Images!

Hello, Darlings

I will be busy, busy, and busy for the next few weeks. In the meantime, I want to address the person who took our family photos from this, my WordPress, site and posted them on Google’s images. I do not understand your motives for doing so. However, you did me a favor because I need that exposure and more viewers at all my websites.

As you know, and I am sure you do, I am also the creator and host to Widescreen Online Review, Widescreen Network News, Anime Links, My Anime Nook, Comic Review,  Tito Cavern, A Catholic’s Life, Anew, Seven Ninety Seven “Home Of The Bargain Queen“, Just Another Rip-Off Website, First Look 2019,  and  lastly First Look 2020. All of which are in need of updating, but that is beside the point of this post. I was also the creator of It’s A Woman Things and the The Constituent, but after a while I realized the world was bigger than me and that I liked what I saw of it.

Wow! We’re on Google’s Images! Me at Thirty-Something.

You, yes you. By taking and posting my photos on Google’s Images have only peak people interest as to who I really am and what I am really about. Since I have inherited so many haters I doubt your motives were to help spread the word that my websites exist, but exist they do and help expand my readership you probably have done.

So thank you and I wish you good luck in your own life.

Evelyn Altheimer-Fain,

Wife, mother, grandmother, university senior, writer, do-it yourself-er, former nurse, university senior, member of crime prevention, and federal and state worker. Phew, nearly in that other.